tisdag 16 maj 2017

Kpop: VIXX - Shangri-La (도원경)

VIXX is back and again they deliver on the drama in their video - which has ever been their signum. I am hard presssed to remember when I last saw such a aesthetically pleasing video. It reminds me somewhat of Sistar's "I like That" last year with its Chinese inspirations, but this looks better. Musically they have done better, but this time it doesn't matter as this is a celebration of the korean excellence when making the whole package. Enjoy it, because in one sense the kpop wonder as we know it is already fading (or evolving depending on how you see it).

onsdag 10 maj 2017

Kpop: PSY - New Face & I Luv It

The first above and two first below is from "I Luv It", the rest from "New Face"

PSY will ofc never top his super hit "Gangnam Style" from back in 2012 (getting close to 3 billion views!), but he still pushes out videos that gets 10s of millions of views. The two new releases from the new album "4x2=8" is "I Luv It" & "New Face". I think they don't quite come up to "Daddy" and "Napal Baji" from the last album, but they aren't bad and the videos are still very fun to watch. And if you wonder, it is Son Naeun from A Pink and the "Pineapple Pen" guy of viral video fame, Pikotaro.

fredag 28 april 2017

Jpop: Sakanaction - Maybe, Wind (多分、風)

How it is possible, I don't know, but I managed to miss out on this early winter single from Sakanaction, the Japanese synth band that has over the years given me the most musical enjoyment (forgive me, Perfume, but that's the truth). Their bittersweet but still soft sound is healing for the soul, and this song is no exception. And, oh, the video is just so great too!

Kpop: K.A.R.D. - Rumor

Since the start it was K.A.R.D.:s hot dance moves and that they are a mixed group, quite unusual in kpop, with the boys J.Seph and B.M together with the girls Somin and Jiwoo delivering not only superb choreography but also great songs. The new "Rumor" may be the best so far, where they put their male/female contrast to great use.

Kpop: Girl's Day - I'll be yours

You may struggle, you may fight it, but sooner or later you will succumb to the viles of Girl's Day. I tried for a month, but this week I had to admit failure - I can't help but be charmed by their video "I'll be yours". It's pure eye candy, and the song fits it perfectly.

onsdag 8 mars 2017

Kpop: Gfriend - Fingertip

Some fans is, evn though it was stated from the start, disappointed that the schoolgirl them for Gfriend's first three videos is now abandonded for a fresh start, but for me it is a release as this video is just all over better; the soundscape is just bursting with fun riffs and retro sounds (mostly 80s and is that...Laserdance?!) and the production is really enjoyable, with the video being full of them (as usual) doing nice dance numbers.