måndag 26 september 2016

Kpop: Crayon Pop - Doo Doom Chit (두둠칫)

The masters of cute choregraphy. Crayon Pop, is back!! Their new song is "Doo Doom Chit", which is the name of the internet meme with the same name. The video is a CP classic with the girls doing a happy and fun choreography, and the song has them going back to their roots (which is good) witha sound that makes me think of italopop. And of course the song can be pronounced as "The Dumb Shit"!

Kpop: Black Pink (블랙핑크)

The first three and the first eleven below is from Boombayah, the rest of th pictures is from Whistle

Black Pink is yet another multi-national kpop band, and their debut singles Boombayah and Whistle has been really popular on YouTube, and I can see why because they got swag and nice production. For me they come off as a new 2NE1 when they was at their best and that comparison should be great, but here is the thing,I am talking about 2NE1 anno 2009! I wonder if kpop, and kpop listeners, seven years later has a spot for this. We will see.

lördag 24 september 2016

Jpop: Passepied - Hyper Realist (ハイパーリアリスト)

I couldn't decide at first, as is usual with Passepied, if Natsuke Ogoda's voices makes this song perfect or unsufferable. It very much varies depending on my mood...

Kpop: Zhoumi (조미)

Pictures 1,2,3 and 6 is from "Rewind", the rest from "What's Your Number"

Chinese Zhoumi, musically mostly known from his part in Super Junior-M, is one of those cought up in the political currents in east Asia, latest for supporting the controversive "nine dash line" in the Chinese South Sea. This may be fair or irrelevant, but musically his latest single was quite nice.