måndag 27 juni 2016

Kpop: Brave Girls - High Heels (하이힐)

Let's be straight fram the start and say that the new "High Heels" from Brave Girls is no new "Deepened"; it is a slightly more traditional kpop song, but as summer songs come it is very OK. The theme of high heels is taken to its point (haha) in the video, with lots of nice poses. ;-)

Jpop: lol (エルオーエル)

Well I just have to share this rather fun video "spank!!" from Japanese five member group 'lol'. It is a bit fascinating with the combination of auto-tune and a lowrider suspension car, but somehow it works. But what's with the bondage name? Or do they actually mean something else when they say "spank you up"? But then their last video was called "laid dadi" so that may imply the names aren't that important... ;-P

söndag 26 juni 2016

Kpop: Park Ki Ryang (박기량)

After watching the video for "Hustle" you may not be surprised to hear that Park Ki Ryang is a (the most) famous cheerleader in her home country Korea. That she now adds a singing career to her acting is not so surprising really, and actually both her debut singes sounds quite nice, so this could well be something worthwhile for both her and us listeners.

  • Park Ki Ryang ft Mechilling - Hustle
  • Park Ki Ryang - Scar (흠집)

Filipino pop: Jourdanne Castillo

After winning the filipinian competition at Viva.tv, Jourdanne Castillo released the song and video "Oras Na", which she now follows up with "Di Na Bale", and both are a nice chance for those of you who want to hear some nice filipinian pop.

Kpop: Ali & Horan - Poom (품)

Korean ALi has a special and tender vocie and here we get to hear her song Poom ('Product') together with Horan from Clazziquai Project. I notice it is yet another kpop video with a tennis theme this year.
  • Ali & Horan - Poom (품)