fredag 29 januari 2016

Mandopop: Jeannie Hsieh - Boom Boom Par (蹦X趴)

Jeannie Hsieh has done several videos that obviously goes for the weird look, with a quirky singing that very much matches this. The new "Boom Boom Par" is no exception to this and I really enjoy this, there is just this only thing that makes me shirk a little and that is the often repeated refrain "Come some of the music!" Is it concious or is it a really bad (good) example of the Chinglish?

Iranian metal: Aliaj

The Iranian metal band Aliaj is a good example that music transcends borders and stereotypes, their melodic metal would be right at home at some metal heads home in the Swedish countryside.

torsdag 28 januari 2016

Mandopop: Milk@Coffee (牛奶咖啡)

The chinese duo Milk@Coffee consisting of KiKi and Ge Fei has never done anything to register on my radar, so it is great to find their latest video is so great. "We're missing just a little" has that perfect melancholy sound that makes it just so irresistable.

tisdag 26 januari 2016

Mandopop: Nova Heart

Nova Heart is what chinese singer Helen Feng calls her project together with fellow musicians Zong Can and Bo Xuan. I like the dark sound in combination with the electronic vibes.

Kpop: Gfriend (여자친구)

I have seen Gfriend some singles but it was with "Rough" (a kind of ironic name) that it clikced - they are really noticable for looking "innocent" and cute, and even discounting the many groups going for a sexy image nowadays, that is quite a feat in kpop. The music isn't really much to write home about, this is all about fan service for the same guys and girls who loves certain kinds of manga and anime (which I honestly don't). It feels a bit to regressive, but I believe Gfriend have a large number of potential fans so go for it.

söndag 24 januari 2016

Ukrainian pop: Kazaky - Milk-Choc

Kazaky, the Ukrainian danc/pop group with obvoius gay undertones did another excellent music video last summer, this one on the 80s theme, and it was obvious how well their stylized look and sound suited this.

Mandopop: DJ Sunny / Wang Yi Long (王繹龍)

DJ Sunny does electronic music and he does it like it was 1999! I debated with myself if I should link his latest video where he and singer Chen Wen does a really fun play about ... eh... lets say love. I think the moral of the story, you should tell you friend if you like her instead of 'doing' a doll looking like her... (◠‿◠;)Well, there seemed to be a happy ending, anyway.