torsdag 30 oktober 2014

Mandopop: A Mei - Dog (狗)

The new video from taiwanese A Mei is a song about infidelity. This is illustrated with a rather funny and graphic "shadow play" theme, where the girlfriend and the mistress go all out in a wild way that is comic-like.

  • A Mei - Dog (狗)

tisdag 28 oktober 2014

Kpop: WIMP

The new duo WIMP consists of Mebby and Mekky and evidently Mebby does the melodies and Mekky the beats. "Somewhere far" is a soft electronic pop song that could have been written anytime during the last 20 years, in a good way. Not a instant classic but a good start as the sounds are really good.

Vietnamese pop: Only C ft Karik - I don't expect gifts (Anh không đòi quà)

Here's another Vietnamese artist that's unknown to me, "Only C", in a quite OK pop video. The guest rapper Karik is more anying than usual in this kind of pop, and he also plays kind of the bad guy in this video. In a nice way. The third person, is a Vietnames model/singer called Amanda Baby which I think is on the same label as Only C features in her videos too.

lördag 25 oktober 2014

Jpop: Sakai Yu (さかいゆう)

Sakai Yu continues his soft and (even more) funky sound from "Summer Again" in the new "Headphone Girl". The theme of being a "fly on the wall", or rather, being in a self documentary continues also. While the summer song was about a man imagining himself in a photo shoot of gravure (ie semi-nude) models, in this video we follow a girl going about her everyday business in Tokyo.

fredag 24 oktober 2014

Jpop: Yoshizawa Kayoko(吉澤嘉代子)

The people over at Glorio has already written such a nice review of Kayoko and her music, so I will basically just recommend you to read that here. I just love her latest "KeKeKe" which is a kind of willd and crazy, almost delrious in a cute way, shaving commercial. Ah, yes, typically Japanese music video in other words...

Kpop: ToppDogg

Up till now, I have found ToppDogg's songs and attitude to be annoying and the posing+rapping without interest to me. The new "Annie" finally gives pause to that unlikable boy-group-"I'm so bad"- style that is so unbelievable in polished kpop teenagers. Instead a reasonable amount of toughness is balanced with some good rhythms and humour, combined with a nice visual theme that matches this. The retro-vibes isn't anything I'm complaining about either...

torsdag 23 oktober 2014

Kpop: Heroes (Muzie & Shin Hyun Joon)

This is one of those odd items that you find in abundance on the Japanese market, but that usually comes much more seldom to fans of kpop - a producer  (Muzie) and an actor (Shin Hyun Joon) gets together and makes a retro-looking video with lots of cameos from korean actors like Shim Hyoung Rae and Kim Ji Min.

Kpop: Super Junior - This is Love

Although many fans of Super Junior where quite happy with the return song "Mamacita" in August, I felt that beyond the fun theme and basic likability, the song wasn't anything special. To be honest the new "This is love" isn't more creative in any sense, but simply stated, its just more likable. The color schema of greay and dark red works well too. It could be called a (somewhat) stylish video.