torsdag 31 juli 2014

Jpop: Wagakki band - Fireworks (華火)

Before, Wagakki band from Japan has made brilliant, but still, covers of songs in versions where they play them with traditional instruments in historical dresses (kind of - fantasy versions more like). Now they release their first original song, Fireworks (Hanabi).

torsdag 24 juli 2014

Jpop: - Chururi Chururira (ちゅるりちゅるりら)

Retro video games, nerdy japanese girls and wild colors all over, anyone? Then's latest video "Chururi Chururira" (basically a noodle ad tie-in, actually) should make you faint from happiness. I must confess I got goose hairs at the end of the video when they killed the boss, haha. The inner otaku couldn't be held back, it seems...

Mandopop: Han Geng (韓庚)

Ex-Junior member Han Geng left famous kpop group Super Junior after a lawsuit, and has then pursued a solo career and is now signed to Warner Music Taiwan. The most memorable is his video for the song "Wild Cursive", with its fighting scenes worthy of a top action movie.