onsdag 12 februari 2014

Kpop: Stellar - Marionette (마리오네트)

Well, I actually got a little uncomfortable watching this new video from Stellar, but on the other hand, with the "sexual liberation/total sexualization" going on in kpop this winter it is inevitably that some of this exploration will be less ...successful... Noone can really deny that especially female kpop has been about sexual tension and objectification, be it playful or mature, but as I have commented before - as music and music videos is an art, this art can be made in better and worse quality.
One could say that Stellar has been about roleplay from the start, being first secret agents in Rocket, then studious school students in Study, and now trashy performers in "Marionette". The point of the title and song is of course to somehow excuse the explicit sexuality, but I find it more embarassing then sensual or sexy. Yes, of course it is sexy in a purely voyeuristic way, but it still itches me that kpop is so narrow in regards to what a woman can express at any certain time. On the whole, I think this "season of sex" is good for kpop, but what I will remember from Stellar is the soundtrack, that in the end is actually quite good.

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