söndag 30 juni 2013

Mandopop/rock: Mayday (五月天)

Mayday from Taiwan has been around for a quite a while and they actually even have some videos with english subtitles, which is nice. But then orckers usually lasts much longer than other musical groups... ^_^
The sound is a soft rock/pop that is quite international in its approach to song construction.

Jpop: Una - Juicy Juicy

Well, I just had to share Una's debut as it just makes my eyes water from garishness and an general visual overload. Its obviously 80s retro which should attract me who grew up then, and it *is* in some sense fun, but a bit to much even for a fan of Japanese culture (even though some of it is explained as it will feature as an ad for Menthos candy).

lördag 29 juni 2013

Kindie: Casker (캐스커)

This Korean indie duo is one music group I actually prefer live recordings from, which is not at all usual for me. The clean and clear sound is my thing, but in Casker's case the live versions livens up the borderline boring/background sounding originals.

fredag 28 juni 2013

Malaysian pop: Pastel Lite

I usually don't review acts here that don't feature "real" videos, but I will make an exception with Malaysian duo Pastel Lite as they have a sound worth listening to.

Music: IAMX

IAMX equals Chris Corner's solo project into electronica/dance music.

Kpop: 4minute - Is It Poppin? (물 좋아?)

After 4minute's hit last year, Volume Up, the return in April with "What's your name" was a disappointment in the relative sense. Therefore the new summer release "Is It Poppin?" is a welcome new chapter. It has a seemingly simple delivery but the video showcases the girls natural charms in a very nice way. I'm not sure the audio track will hold up that long on itself, but it's a step up from the spring set back.

torsdag 27 juni 2013

Russian pop: Tesla Boy

Tesla Boy from Russia does synthpop in its classic sense. It makes me equal parts sligthly embarassed and just bliss. Let me just cite "TourTheUniverse" from YouTube on Tesla Boy's "Spirit of the Night":
"This track, among other fine selected works by Tesla Boy, represents a phenomenal series of retro, synth heavy lo-fi tunes ripped from their self-titled debut EP. Few modern artists can derive such whimsically flowing complexities out of simple lines of layered beats, melodies and vocals like Tesla Boy can.Tesla Boy has mastered the classic retro-80's New Wave sound down to a science, in fact to its perfection.If tracks like this don't take you to another time and place, you're too damn young."
That rather well sums Tesla Boy up.

Kpop: Vivid Girl / BBde Girl (비비드 걸)

The name of BBde Girl is both an acronym for Blessed Be de Girl but also (as is obvious from the spelling of "the") there is another way to read it - the korean spelling is "비비드 걸" which can be read both as "Bi Bi Doe Gael" ie BBde Girl, but also as "Vi Vi D(oe) Girl" ie "Vivid Girl". Just as an example of the world of fascinating korean-enligh naming of kpop acts... ^_^
Anyway, they follow up their comeback with "Halo" two weeks ago with "Breathless", which I would say is a more interesting offer with their special suits. To be honest, after sieving through their video material, it is obvious from the quality of the photography, settings and apparels that they don't have a strong backing.