torsdag 31 januari 2013

Kpop: D-Unit (디유닛)

D-Unit has currently three members, and that's worth pointing out, since the group has this ploy that they add new members to each new single. As a mathematician would put it: n_total = n * single +1. That means that they have released two singles, eh? ;-)

Jpop: Omodaka

Under the name Omodaka, Soichi Terada in collaboration with others makes wonderful electronic folk music which could best categorized as indie bitpop (is there any mainstream bitbop btw?) from Japan. I loove it, but I may believe we may also have the ultimate "irritate your parents/neighbors"-music here. I just want to party when I hear it anyways. ^_^

Jpop: AKB48 (エーケービー フォーティエイト)

AKB48 (from Akihabara district in Tokyo and its original 48 members) is really more than "just" a japanese pop group, they are more like a phenomena. One thing you cannot mention in regards to them is their number of members, which reaches close to a hundred (roughly 90 atm). This means the typical subgrouping here is a must, and still leaves them with more than 20 girls per subunit. It quite fascinating and it of course gives rise to interpolations in regards to prejudices about the collective thinking of societies. I wouldn't go that far, but instead compare them to for example Irish Riverdance shows. Its just a different combination of music and performance. They have released lots and lots of singles, albums, tv series, and much else, here are a few examples (there are some very popular videos of a more "risque" nature, but you will have to find them for yourselves):

Kpop: Sistar19 (씨스타19)

Sistar subgroup Sistar19 second single is a more intense video than the debut MaBoy. I like it when songs have a beat, so this is more to my liking at least.

onsdag 30 januari 2013

Kpop: ALi - Eraser

ALi's latest single has kdrama actor Choi Ji Woo starring in a video that tells the story of a relationship. Too bad that the striking singer doesnt figure more herself in her videos.

tisdag 29 januari 2013

Kpop: Infinite H (인피니트 H)

Infinite H being a hip hop styled subgroup of Infinite (therefore the added "H" I would guess), it isn't quite my cup of tea, but the videos has a nice finish, so I don't deny watching them a few times. ^_^

Kpop: Boyfriend (보이프렌드)

Yes, its Kim So-Hyun from I Miss You.

Several of the six members in Boyfriend  are somewhat typical of kpop culture that they also appear a lot in commercials, shows and so on. Its all part of the pop culture in the words literal sense.

Kpop: BoA - Disturbance

"I feel a disturbance in the force"...well, yes I had to make that joke, since in BoA's latest single she actually doesnt dance. And its a ballad. How often does that happen? But since its the queen of kpop, whatever. She  still pulls it of with her personality and presence.